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HookOn Adjustable Sunglass Cable with 1 year warranty


patent pending

Extra Grips! Feel The Difference

Our patented specialized grips hold to your head comfortably to prevent your sunglasses from slipping and falling off in the first place! Our specialized grips work when you attach the eyewear retainer to your eyewear; the engraved diamond pattern on the silicone expands to become the grip! In addition, the same grip can help keep your HAT ON!!! Yes, in fact, the grip is so strong if you wear your hat backwards and tuck the grips under your hat it is nearly impossible for your hat to come off! Feel it for yourself when your attaching the eyewear retainer, you can easily see the texture expand into the grip and you can feel the difference!

Stop Losing Your Eyewear & Sunglasses

HookOn secures your eyewear perfectly! Our eyewear retainer stays out of the way and is super lightweight, you won’t even know your wearing it until you need it. Why set down your eyewear down and forget where you left it? Now you can wear your eyewear around your neck and look good doing it!


Maximum Durability

HookOn Does NOT cut corners, we use 100% Metal to secure our cables to the silicone pieces giving you the strongest option. The competition intentionally uses cheap plastic beads that easily break. Hey, no one’s perfect but we’re trying, if we messed up, we have you covered with our 1-year manufactures warranty.


Fits 99.9% of Eyewear & Sunglasses!

The silicone expands to fit big and small size eyewear; Prescription glasses or the biggest pair of sunglasses you can find, HookOn has you covered.

Adjustable Cable Options!   

Whether it’s for the kids or for grandma HookOn will fit all size people! The cord is fully adjustable allowing you to make it the size you want.

Black HookOn Adjustable Sunglass Cable with 1 year warranty
Blue HookOn Adjustable Sunglass Cable with 1 year warranty
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